7KM wireless Video Data RC Transmission System long range low latency HDMI SDI 15km OFDM

Optional Distance

7km, 14km, 34km

Optional Frequency

800Mhz, 1.4G, 2.4G


7KM wireless Video Data RC Transmission System

7KM wireless Video Data RC Transmission System Long range 15km optional OFDM

Video Data Control Wireless Integrated Transmission System
Video Data Control Wireless Integrated Transmission System


This model designed for the drone, It is a kind of wireless FHD video and data transmission system. It has the advantages of small size,low power consumption and long-distance. The system can transmit FHD video, flight control data, gimbal control data, and RC control data simultaneously. With the H.265 video CODEC and OFDM modulation technology, it can achieve low latency, high-resolution video transmission.

With advanced radio frequency technology, it can support three frequency bands. Users can change frequency bands easily. Users can choose a suitable frequency band according to local regulations. Also, you can choose frequency hopping or fixed mode under special conditions.

The air unit can be configured to Point-to-Point mode or Repeater mode. Users only need one more air unit and a simple configuration to achieve long-distance transmission. Please watch the instruction video for more information.

It has an encryption function. Users can Enable/Disable this function when needed. It is easy to set an encryption code using Maestro Assistant or Web UI.
The device has 2 UART—UART1 and UART2. Two protocols, Mavlink and Transparent, are supported. Users can use it for flight control data and gimbal control data transmission. Also, the system can improve the RC control distance via the SBUS port. On the ground unit, there is a USB 3.0 port. Users can add a USB storage device to save the FHD video.

It supports a variety of video input and output interfaces, such as HDMI, Ethernet, SDI, CVBS. It can also match most gimbal on the market.


7KM wireless Video Data RC Transmission System Long range 15km optional
7KM wireless Video Data RC Transmission System Long range 15km optional

This is a highly integrated data transmission system that has RC, datalink, and videolink built inside. It has two versions: 7km version and 15km version. The frequency and power of 7 km wireless data RC transmission system can be set through software according to your needs. It supports 3 frequency range: 800Mhz (806~825); 1.4G(1430~1444); 2.4G(2408~2480). This Video Data RC transmission system supports HDMI input, and HDMI/Ethernet port output, video resolution is 1080p @60/50/30.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Low power consumption
  3. Long-distance
  4. Low latency
  5. Which is suitable for UAV and other data/video/radio transmission applications


  1. Transmitter Video-Input: HDMI / CVBS / SDI
  2. Receiver Video Output: HDMI/ Ethernet port
  3. Transmitter Data Input: UART/SBUS/CAN
  4. Receiver Data Output: UART/SBUS



Frequency 800MHz(806~825);1.4GHz(1430~1444);2.4GHz(2408~2480)
Channel bandwidth 5MHz / 10MHz / 20MHz
(when working in a single frequency band 5MHz bandwidth, support 4 sets of 100 meters apart and work simultaneously *1
Modulation OFDM
Transmitter Power 25dBm±1dB
Sensitivity ≤-89dBm
Transmission Distance*2 7km 15km
Airspeed [email protected]*3


Power supply range

Transmitter DC 9~28V
Receiver DC 9~28V


Power consumption

Transmitter 6.5W
Receiver 5W



Antenna Input 2(MMCX)
Power Input 1
Serial port TTL 3.3V level, 1 start bit, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity check
Baud rate 115200 (default), configurable to 57600, 38400, 19200, 9600
HDMI (Type A) 1
CAN 1(Transmitter)
Ethernet Port 1(Receiver)
USB (Type A) 1(Receiver)
USB(Mini) 1(Transmitter)support OTG


Video performance

Resolution Up to 1080p60 backward compatible
Codec mode H.265/H.264
Video bit rate 2~12Mbps adjustable
End-to-end video latency 250 millisecond
Data delay 50 millisecond


Transmitter Antenna

Antenna Interface SMA (With transfer feeder)
Antenna Type Whip antenna, length 20cm
Polarization type Vertical polarization
Antenna Gain 2dBi
Antenna standing wave ratio ≤2.0


Receiver Antenna

Antenna Interface SL16J (With suction cup base)
Antenna housing Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics
Antenna Type Car Antenna, Length 120cm
Polarization type Vertical polarization
Antenna Gain 10dBi
Antenna standing wave ratio ≤2.0


Environmental adaptability

Operating Temperature -40℃~+70℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Humidity 5~95%,Non-condensing



Size Transmitter 93.5 X 54.5 X 15.5 mm
Receiver 93.5 X 63.5 X 18 mm
Weight Transmitter 98g
Receiver 116g
Indicator Light 6, Power indication / Wireless Link Establishment Indication / Signal Strength Indication

* 1 For example, in the 800MHz frequency band, setting the operating bandwidth to 5MHz can support 4 sets of image transmission at a distance of 100 meters at the same time.
* 2 The distance measured under visible interference-free conditions.
* 3 The airspeed is related to the communication conditions. When the sex-to-noise ratio of the wireless signal decreases, the airspeed will decrease.


1x Transmitter for Long Range Video/Data/RC Transmitter
1x Receiver for Long Range HD Video/Data/RC Receiver
2x Transmitter Antenna
2x Receiver Antenna
2x Power/UART Cable
4x Antenna Feeder

Image Data Control Wireless Integrated Transmission System

Video Data Control Wireless Integrated Transmission System