DVB-T2 upgrade software firmware for DVB-T265 from OSD menu

dvb-t2 software upgrade
Germany Car DVB-T2 H265

DVB-T2 upgrade software firmware for DVB-T265 from OSD menu

Sorry to hear that your DVB-T2 set-top box has to been upgraded to the new firmware. Please try to operate according to the below steps when you got the new firmware. (Please contact us for the latest firmware of DVB-T265. It is better that you send us the picture of your set-top digital tv box system information, and tell us what’s problem details of your tv box. )

Upgrade Steps

  1. Ensure that the firmware is suitable for your set-top box.
  2. Unzip the upgrade firmware. (*.bin)
  3. Copy it to a USB stick. (it is better that USB has no other file at the root directory)
  4. Operate the remote controller, Choose software upgrade from the OSD menu of your set-top box.
  5. During the upgrading, please keep the power on until the upgrade is 100% finished. Otherwise, the firmware will lose forever from the chipset and the set-top box can be not powered on again.
  6. After upgrade, please auto search the channel and test again.
dvb-t2 software upgrade
DVB-T2 upgrade software firmware for DVB-T265 from OSD menu 1
DVB-T265 Latest Version



The below firmware is listed for our existing customer, if you need to upgrade or repair your machine, please confirm the hardware is the same as ours or ask us to check first. No-confirmation upgrade operation may lose the remote controller function or no-startup machine again if hardware (chipset) is different, the last solution is to replace the correct firmware IC from your tv box producing factory.

Because the firmware is different from the normal pc software, the software doesn’t need to consider the hardware most time. The firmware is working only on the right and the same model as the main chipset. It controls the I/O and saved the remote controller code at the firmware. Different factories or suppliers used totally different firmware, even the box looks the same. They may use different chipsets and remote controller codes.

Here is the firmware of DVB-T265, 20190513 version


DVB-T2 products

DVB-T2 upgrade FAQ

Q1: Can I Update the box from 264 to 265?

A1: TV Box h264 can not update to H265. Because of the tuner (tv signal receiver chipset) and the decoder (chipset for transporting tv signal ts file to normal audio and video signal) need total new ones. 
It is better that you purchase a new tv box. For in-car use, the below model is recommended and most European clients gave good feedback. 

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  1. manuel rincon says:

    !!!alerta!!! no instalen ese archivo por que no sirve mi codificador se apago y no volvió a prender
    (!!!alert!!! do not install that file because it does not work my encoder turned off and did not turn on again)

  2. www.Vcan.cc says:

    This firmware is only available for our DVB-T265, Another TV box upgrade will cause problems because the hardware is different.

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